Q. Are you still taking commissions based on customer’s design?
A. We have stopped taking customer commissions. We will be making and selling SHOWCASE fursuits, both now and in the future.
Q. I live outside Japan. Are you able to ship internationally?
A. We are able to as long as your country has EMS delivery service available. Please note that we cannot specify the arrival time and date.
Q. Do you have any kind of size restrictions like the previous SHOWCASE characters?
A. We have not set any kind of size restrictions for our upcoming SHOWCASE characters.
Q. Are you able to take more than 3 installed payments?
A. Due to production starting costs and accounting management circumstances, we will only take up to 2 installed payments. This being the case, we will begin production once we have received the first payment and take the second payment after its completion.
Q. Is it possible to order SHOWCASE characters and change their design? (Such as patterns, colors, shapes etc.)
A. All of the characters posted in SHOWCASE are finalized designs. The fur is also decided from the beginning; therefore it is not possible to change the design nor materials at the customer’s request. We are able to discuss more detailed specifications at the meeting stage with our customers.
Q. What about after-sales support after we purchase SHOWCASE characters?
A. There is no guarantee on the fursuits themselves, but if it is within one month after its delivery only the initial malfunction and size readjustment will be free of charge.
Q. As for the repair of damaged parts, is it okay to fix them on your own?
A. There is no problem as long as you have enough confidence that you can repair it yourself. However, there are special materials that we used for places where you are using glue, adhesives etc., please contact us if you are concerned in any case.
Q. I want to order more parts for the SHOWCASE character I purchased, such as two sets of hands or feet. Is it possible?
A. It’s entirely possible. We estimate these separately.
Q. Can I ask for other parts aside from hands and feet after my purchase?
A. That is also entirely possible. Please contact us at any time.