Guidelines for reprinting copyright (Copyright privatization policy)

For those who wish to use our work / site materials (Inspirational Work / Webmaster)

Recently we have seen characters that closely resemble our K-LINE work we have done. These are of course irrelevant to K-LINE, and we do not allow you to use all of our images and designs without explicit permission from us. We ask that you respect our copyright.
With recent developments of kemono fursuit culture growing in the Asian region, the problem has become more prominent, so please clearly state it is K-LINE's work on your page. We will be establishing a quality control department and strengthen our online monitoring system in the future.

Regarding Alba and Rufen

▶︎Prohibited actions which concern design and revenue.

  • Usage of a design that is remarkably similar, or the act of insisting on creating a similar design.

  • Produce any type of work that has the same elements to appear as a complete imitation of the design, or at least two points (pattern, color scheme, silhouette, etc.).

  • Production of illustrations that are contrary to social standards.

  • Production of three-dimensional objects such as figurines, stuffed animals, as well as fur suits.

  • Receive a commission to produce works based on Alba and Rufen. These also include requests. (Gifts are also not allowed)

  • Impersonations. Open accounts at any SNS (even fan sites).

  • Making goods, manga or doujinshi.

  • Reselling purchased goods and doujinshi, as well as distribution
    of those through data.

  • Any other activity where an exchange of income occurs.


▶︎Prohibited actions concerning photos and videos taken

  • Reprinting images that were processed in any form other than shrinking.

  • Distribution of images to be reprinted.

  • Reprinting with addition of selfies.

  • A web post of photos taken from an obscure looking point.

These guidelines are updated from time to time.
We will continue to produce finer guidelines in acordance to the situation.