SHOWCASE is a Kemono character brand supervised by K-LINE. Our aim is to create purer K-LINE designs. Characters are announced in the form of collections and are updated irregularly.

Mugi : ¥600,000
Calluna : ¥640,000
Granate : ¥700,000
Chervill : ¥860,000
Ela : ¥620,000
Soleil : ¥660,000

Aqua soda : ¥500,000
Poron : ¥500,000
Ameba : ¥500,000
Daidai : ¥500,000
Muscat : ¥500,000
Nana : ¥500,000
Gogo : ¥500,000
Melonsoda : ¥500,000
Mangosause : ¥500,000
Grapesoda : ¥500,000

It is entirely possible to submit orders for additional parts as long as they are not fursuit heads. We ask that you please use any spare parts properly and with utmost care. These parts will also have a uniform price, although there will be a few exceptions.
Handpaws: 1 set: ¥ 42,000 yen
Feetpaws: 1 set for indoor use (with paw pads): ¥ 48,000 yen
Feetpaws: 1 set for outdoor use (no paw pads): ¥ 38,000 yen
Sandals for feetpaws: ¥ 14,000 yen
Tail: ¥ 35,000 yen
For bodysuits and padding, we will be unable to offer a uniform price. We will make a separate estimate for these items.
Each spare part has the same design and specifications as the character you purchased.
※Designs posted may be subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned.
※Please note that there will be a tax exemption of the consumption tax (8%) for those who receive it outside Japan. It will be 5% of the overall price for overseas transactions instead.